I have spent many of my days trying to speed up my websites, only to get to the end of the day and find myself back where I started.

Is your website speed slow and you feel like your hitting your head against a brick wall too?

Its frustrating, I know, especially the hours that have been lost!

Not only that, for a beginner, it can be so confusing. With so many plugins out there, which one should you use?

Fortunately, because of this, I have managed to test out all those caching plugins.

There are some that work, some that are suitable and some that are just awful.

Let cover the ones that have been tested.

Plugins I have Tried and Tested

All my websites are on LiteSpeed servers, so as it was a no brainer, I installed and configured the LiteSpeed Caching Plugin. Now, Let me be clear, this is not a bad plugin. In actual fact, it has a lot of features and settings that will cover all the bases needed to speed up your website. However, for me, it just didn’t seem to work. I didn’t see any drastic changes in my speed test and was sourly disappointed.

The next one to try was Swift Performance Lite, and W3 Total Cache. Again, both were good plugins and had some great features. The speed of my website appeared to improve a little but unless I wanted to upgrade and pay for premium, it just didn’t suit.

Then I tried and tested WP Fastest Cache alongside Autoptimise.

These two plugins, for me, worked perfectly hand in hand. I have various websites, some static, some woocommerce, but they were effective on all of them. They installation and set up was quick and easy and although there are premium features, they were not really needed.

I would recommend these plugins to anyone who is new to WordPress and needs to speed up their websites for their visitors.